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The Digital Seed Sower


"Consider the lilies of the field."

"A sower went out to sow."

"Look at the birds of the air."

Jesus spoke in images. For the longest time at our church, we didn't. Oh, we used the latest presentation technologies. But we presented only words on a screen. Then one day, a guest speaker brought his own slides. He taught the way Jesus taught -- graphically, visually. We haven't been the same since.

Honestly, I felt a little jealous of how well received the guest speaker's messages were. So I started trying to do my own stuff. I quickly learned that finding the right visual metaphor for my message requires a completely different set of skills than finding the right words. We needed help.

Digital Seed Sower took our services to a new level. I don't mean that they just enhanced the message. They did that and more. They changed the entire service from call to worship to benediction and everything in between. They tied it all together -- seamlessly, visually, graphically.

Every week, now, we hear comments about the images people see on Sunday. They remember the message because they use more than one of their senses to receive it. Our visual learners are more attentive. Our teenagers are more engaged. Our unchurched guests face one less barrier to hearing the gospel. It's even affected the way I preach.

Like most preachers, I want to speak nothing but the truth of Christ. I'm as committed to that as ever. But now, I'm able not only to speak his message, but to communicate it in his way -- visually.

We live in a visual culture. People receive virtually all of their information from a screen. Digital Seed Sower can help you reach them with the most important information they will ever hear . . . and see!

Jody Vickery

Senior Minister Campus Church of Christ

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