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Enjoy our free Christian graphics. I would love to hear about the different ways that your are using them. Your feedback will help in deciding the types of worship backgrounds that will be available here.




Click on any image above to open a large version in another window. The large versions are all 1024 X 768 sized images, they may take a few moments to load depending on the speed of your connection.

You are welcome to use these Christian graphics for worship backgrounds at your church, or any other way you would like for personal use. I only ask that you not alter the images in any way nor you use them for profit.

If you like these images, please take a look at our Christian graphics subscription packages. They are very reasonably priced, and will provide you with custom designed graphics each week, specifically designed for your topic and audience.

If you would like to help support the ministry of The Digital Seed Sower, please contact us for more information, or you can make a secure donation now through PayPal.


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